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Minister Albayrak: Energy Sector Requires $110 Billion Investment
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Turkish Republic Energy and Natural Resources Minister, Berat Albayrak announced an updated road map for energy sector. According to Albayrak, the sector will require more than $110 billion investment in 10 years, and energy dependency on a single country will be dropped to at most 50 percent by the end of 2019. For this purpose, the share of native coal for electricity production will be increased, and the storage capacity of natural gas will exceed 5.3 billion m3.

Energy supplier countries for crude oil and natural gas are planned to be diversified in order to lower importing risks, whereas the share of natural gas for electricity production is planned to be under 38%. 

Additionally, Boron is chosen as a major target for R&D activities. Therefore, boron products such as boron oxide, agricultural boron, zinc chlorate and anhydrous borax are planned to be imported instead of concentrated boron. 


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