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World Mining Congress: the Largest International Event of the Mining and Metallurgical Industry will take place in Astana

On June 19th-22nd, 2018 Astana will host the 25th World Mining Congress, taking place within the framework of Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress.

The 25th Anniversary for World Mining Congress will be held under the motto "Innovation Excellence - step forward to mining growth", the program will cover various matters of geological exploration, mining and processing, risk assessment, international fund raising and many others. The Congress will be attended by the state leaders, prominent experts of the world scientific community, investors and financial institutions, major international universities and associations.   

In 2018, WMC will celebrate a double anniversary: 25 years of holding this high-profile event and 60 years since WMC was established. The first WMC took place in Warsaw in 1958 due to the initiative of the outstanding Polish scientist and mining engineer, Boleslaw Krupinski. The first session triggered an expansive development of the world collaboration in the field of the mining science, which further on resulted in the establishment of the international organization known as World Mining Congress.     

World Mining Congress is the largest specialized industry event which brings together professionals and scholars from 50 countries of the globe, engaged in the development of the solid mineral deposits, science and technologies as well as environmental protection and occupational safety.  

At present, delegations from Australia, Austria, Canada, Norway and Canada have confirmed their participation. Invitations have been extended to the Head of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as Australia and Poland.

Holding of WMC is a very significant event for the world scientific and technology communities since within recent two decades the Congress gave the world a number of the unique projects and developments which have been widely applied at the many large-scale production facilities all around the world, and WMC of Astana 2018 will be no exception in this lineage. The Congress attracts a high number of scientific agencies and institutions whose research and development activities are very advantageous for the key players of the industry.  At the moment, many international commercial and investment companies have a particular interest in being a part of the Congress, and their respective financial support allows to organize such a large-scale event on a very high level.

Special emphasis is given to the investments in the mining and metallurgical industry. Following the memorandum, signed in late April 2017,  the program of WMC 2018 will include the largest in Europe "Mines&Money" Conference dedicated to the mining sector investments, which in the long term will help to attract over 300 investors from every part of the world to the mining and metallurgical complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This is an unprecedented move as the conference of such level  is the first of its kin for Kazakhstan.

We would like to remind that on October, 21st, at the WMC held in Rio-de-Janeiro, there was a solemn transfer of the traditional symbol of the World Mining Congress - "Oil Lamp", which devolved  the holding of the next WMC to the Republic of Kazakhstan.  

To date, the National Organizational Committee (NOC) has been created and is successfully operating.  The Committee is represented by the national companies, sectoral associations, scientific institutes and leading entrepreneurs, and its honorary chairman is the Prime-Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Iteca Company has been approved as the operator of the event, being the organizer of many major conferences and exhibitions all around Kazakhstan.

The 97th meeting of the International Organizational Committee of the World Mining Congress took place in Vienne on April 6-7th, 2017, during which Mr. Kanat Baitov, the Vice Chairman of the Industrial Development and Industrial Safety Committee under the Ministry for Investments and Development, and the acting member of the International Organizational Committee of the World Mining Congress, spoke on the preparation activities for the 25th World Mining Congress.

The meeting in Vienne presented an extended WMC agenda which includes a wide variety of themes embracing the whole operational chain of mining and metallurgical activities: from geological exploration and mining to processing, from risk assessment to international fund raising. The program is focused on the modernization of all key industrial sectors, implementation of Industry 4.0 components and introduction of the relevant best practices in the mining and metallurgical sector at the global level.

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