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Sector View
Abdülkerim Yörükoğlu
MTA Vice President
Magazine’s team accomplished very important work in a short span. Madencilik Türkiye Magazine’s objective approach to sector inspired sectorial union magazines’ format and content and these publications started to publish with pithier and richer content. I greet Madencilik Türkiye team for their contribution to sector and wish them to maintain their objective, rich-content publications for many years.
Akın Kösetorunu
Turkish Canadian Chamber of Commerce Director
Madencilik Turkiye is not only a reliable magazine which reflects projects, investment and legal evolution in mining industry but also an academic reference. The magazine, which is prepared by outstanding editors and writers, has an important place in Turkish mining industry.
Ali Can Akpınar
Exploration Director of Eczacıbası Esan
Mining is an industry which spreads wide geography and does not have a specific center; therefore, always consists communication problems. Miners could not create strong unions, introduce themselves to public or state importance of mining to people because they keep dealing their own problems, so they could not find any chance to improve their communication. Madencilik Türkiye Magazine is the leading publication, which undertook this problem as a duty and have come a long way. I think this publication is quite important for all level employees and I hope Madencilik Türkiye to spread wider audience.
A. Vedat Oygür
Mining Geologists Association Chairman
Both national and international developments about mining industry used to be followed via NGO publications before Madencilik Türkiye Magazine. Madencilik Türkiye marked an era with its completely objective and professional approach. Therefore, Madencilik Türkiye filled an important gap which had been looking for to be filled for a long time.
Atılgan Sökmen
Turkish Miners Association Chairman
Madencililk Türkiye Magazine has accomplished very important functions. Especially, one of the factors of being a “sector” of private sector mining is holding a periodic publication. Madencilik Türkiye is the pioneer for this important factor. The magazine’s publication policy is worthy of esteem in terms of being independent and supporting mining sector.
Bahadır Ergener
Atlas Copco RDT Business Line Manager
Madencilik Türkiye filled a very important gap with its actual news about both national and international mines. Taking a place of latest development in technology provides Madencilik Türkiye to reach a wide audience such as university students, mining engineers on field, suppliers and company owners. Especially, English publishing magazine, Mining Turkey enables introduction of Turkish mining industry to world. I believe that Turkish mining industry will take a further place thanks to such magazines.
Bayram Altıntop
MATEL A.S. Mining Rights Manager
Turkish mining industry has been facing a critical era. Sector has been losing its strength and importance of the mining sector could not be shown to public. Environmentalism became a trend and mining is considered harmful to environment. Economic weakness of the sector without any support and not being understood by public caused this situation. Madencilik Türkiye fills an important gap in mining industry and supports mining as a voice of the sector. I wish the magazine to a successful life with its qualified publications.
Bülent Şahhüseyinoğlu
Mapek Machine and Ind. Co. Chairman
I wish Madencilik Türkiye Magazine, which provide us to be informed realistic and latest news about mining sector, has a long lasting life as much as mining itself.
Ceren Şatırlar Balcı
Barkom Drilling Equipment Deputy General Manager
Madencilik Türkiye is in the leading position of its field, as well as contributing to people who follow mining industry closely with its actual and rich content.
Ergun Sokulluoğlu
Sandvik Mining, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania Territory Manager
Madencilik Türkiye Magazine is a reliable publication, which is comprehensive in terms of its content and resulted by magazine team’s rigorous and intense efforts. We follow the mining sector related news and innovations via Madencilik Türkiye Magazine. The magazine which is comprised of product information, studies and news, contributes development of the sector. Madencilik Türkiye represents professional publishing with its objective and realistic journalism. We believe that the magazine will maintain the quality level and we thank Madencilik Türkiye team for their contribution to mining sector.
Iain Anderson
Çayeli Bakır Isletmeleri Managing Director
Madencilik Türkiye and Mining Turkey Magazines are prepared by qualified sector professionals with realistic approach to mining industry. These publications provide me to obtain latest developments, new products and innovative developments as quick as possible. Madencilik Türkiye and Mining Türkiye Magazines became one of the primer references for mining industry.
İsmet Kasapoğlu
Association of Mining Sector Presidents’ Council (MSBK) President-
Mining publications has been seen as an expenditure for publishing firm, so each of them have served for a different purpose. Madencilik Türkiye Magazine is the first publication, which finance itself as a professional. The magazine prove itself with its true and objective news. I greet all Madencilik Türkiye publishers.
Melik Zafer Yıldız
Alacer Gold Corp. External Affairs Manager
Except for the institute and organization publications, Madencilik Türkiye Magazine accomplish significant achievements in terms of mining and earth sciences. Madencilik Türkiye publishes in international level with rich content and observes the needs of sector correctly; therefore prospers our sector.
Muhterem Köse
Gold Miners Association General Coordinator
Madencilik Türkiye observes closely what happens in mining industry worldwide. The magazine took attention of everybody in mining sector with constructive advices and discussions. Anyone in the sector could express themselves liberally via Madencilik Türkiye Magazine. Point of views, advices, messages and studies in the magazine provide development and spreading of mining culture.
Nezih Doğu
Bureau Veritas Country Manager
Madencilik Türkiye Magazine reveals how mining sector gains ground so far and it sheds light into sector future. I think Madencilik Türkiye is counted as an archive!
Ramazan Yön
Demir Export A.S. Production Director
Madencilik Türkiye Magazine shines through by means of being the first independent Turkish mining and earth sciences magazine and plays an important role for following latest news about sector by our collogues also Turkish and foreign investors. Madencilik Türkiye magazine took an important place in mining industry in a short time and I follow every issues of Madencilik Türkiye with pleasure. I know that, maintaining publication life for such an important magazine is not easy for the conditions in Turkey. I wish them to keep their success to the end.
Sabri Karahan
Dama engineering General Manager
Madencilik Türkiye Magazine boosted the mining sector in Turkey. The magazine is mostly accepted even in abroad. I wish Madencilik Türkiye Magazine a long-lasting publication life.
Savaş Şahin
Demir Export A.S. General Manager
Madencilik Türkiye Magazine appeared with an important mission without belonging any institute. It have been progressing since it was founded. From now on, I believe Madencilik Türkiye will be much useful to sector by following the path of international brands, developing communication network and compiling more detailed information about sector.
Togan Yürür
Pena Maden Sales Manager
Madencilik Türkiye took many of the important miners’ and our attention by its qualified content and latest news, which follow mining sector closely. So, it became an important reference to us for being informed about sector. Madencilik Türkiye Magazine, which is published in international standards, shows the endeavour of mining industry and pleases us additionally with several organizations, MT Bülten, English publication etc.
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